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Born Again American
This is a very moving song about America. Please listen to it.

Using quotes from our Founding Fathers, this video leaves no debate that our country was founded on Christian principles.

What's new Democrat?
What's new Republican?

My version of "What's new pussycat".
Sung by Barry Klor.
T'was the night before elections
This is a poem based on the night before Christmas. If you like Obama, don't read this poem.
It is very humorous and clever.

Tim Hawkins - The Government Can
This is a humorous video about the government.

Let your voice be heard.

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Running a political campaign is very expensive. I plan to run again and would appreciate your support.
Tom Jones

Tom Jones
The Clark County IAP Chairman

The Independent American Party
Candidate for
Nevada State Controller

Protect your freedoms, liberty, and independence.
We are losing them little by little every year.
The Supreme Court just ruled that strip searches were Constitutional
even if you have not been convicted of a crime.

Vote in November like your way of life depends on it
because it does.

Born Again American
This is a very moving song about America. Please listen to it.

"Vote as if you were voting for your king."
Read here

Want to make a difference? Unhappy with what is happening to our Country?
Register as an Independent American Party voter now.

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You can still vote for anyone that you want, but you will be an Independent American.

The Democrats and Republicans, with their tax and spend policies, have been in control of government for over 100 years. They are the ones who have gotten us into this mess. Do you trust them to correct it?

Look back 30 or 40 years. Is the education system better now, is there less poverty now, is the economy stronger now, are you any safer now, do you have more freedoms now?

What happened? The Democrats and Republicans happened.

Our government is taking away our freedoms slowly year by year. I mean they want to tell us what kind of light bulbs we can buy. They want to tell us what we can say or they want to imprison us without a trial.

I listened to a speech about a man who wanted to take his family to Disney World. They were at the airport and his 9 year old daughter was being searched by a TSA agent and she looked at her father with a bewildered look, fear in her eyes, pleading for him to help her. As he looking at his daughter by groped by the agent, he was thinking that he was the one who had constantly told her not to let strangers touch her like that.

This should not happen in America!

It reminded me why I was involved in the IAP. I was concerned about my children and my grandchildren.

The average American works about 4 months a year just to pay all his or her taxes. We are losing our freedom, liberty, and independence.

  • Our forefathers risked their lives and all that they had to found our country.
  • Our veterans suffered great hard ships, were maimed and injured, and died to protect our country.
  • All you need to do is to vote for the candidate that will uphold the Constitution and protect your freedoms.

Do you feel that the Federal Government is getting too big and powerful? That you are losing your individual rights? I will fight to protect your individual rights, your freedom, and your independence..

Don't waste your vote by voting for the status quo. Don't vote for the Democratic and Republican clones who legislate what their party dictates. They both spend your money. They just spend it on different things. They both reduce your freedoms by expanding the control of government

  • It is time to stop the growth of government. It is time to vote to keep our country free and prosperous. It is time to vote for freedom, liberty, and independence. It is time to vote for people who will keep their oath to uphold the Constitution.
  • Vote for the Independent American Party candidate of your choice.
  • Let your voice be heard.

Are you an Independent American or a government slave?
The decision is up to you. Decide now before it is too late.

Thank you,
Tom Jones